STEVE O'NEILL is a native New Mexican who has traveled the world opening for such acts as The Romantics, The Smithereens, and Chicago. He has four CDs under his belt, as well as music videos that have appeared on MTV and the Super Channel in Europe.  Steve has also worked as a record producer and recording engineer.

If you ever saw Steve play with either Donnie or Jack, then you witnessed quite an event. The first thing that you noticed was that so much music was produced by just two performers. Steve played the bass lines with his feet on organ pedals, the guitar lines with a Clavinet through a Marshall amp and the rest of the sounds through a synthesizer. All this while singing and putting on a hell of a show. AMAZING!!!

Checkout Steve’s MTV Video “When the Mountain Falls” on YouTube

Checkout Steve O’Neill & Jack Moore on YouTube

Steve played 8 years with a phenomenal 7 piece soul band called
The Soul Deacons out of Santa Fe, where he now resides.

STEVE O’NEILL is currently playing with his friend, Ron Crowder in The Gruve.
You’ve got to see this group on YouTube!!!

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